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  • G-H

  • Galpin Society Journal

  • Goldmine Magazine
    Marketplace for collectible records, CDs, and music memorabilia covering rock & roll, blues, country, folk, and jazz. In addition to the buy and sell opportunities, Goldmine presents extensive articles and interviews on recording stars past and present accompanied by discographies listing all known releases. The calendar section lists record shows scheduled for your area Magazine info., sample articles

  • Gramophone
    Classical Music Magazine Magazine info.,

  • Guitar and Lute Issues
    The on-line magazine of Editions Orphée

  • The Harp Therapy Journal
    Journal information, Table of Contents, Selective Full Text

  • The Hip Rhythm Digest

  • Historical Brass Society Journal
    Back issues available online

  • Historical Brass Society Newsletter
    From 1989 through 2005, the Historic Brass Society published an annual newsletter that was mailed to our membership. Beginning in 2006, the Historic Brass Society suspended print publication in favor of a web-based format. You will find news, interviews, events, reviews and other features by browsing our website.

  • I

  • In Music We Trust Online Music Magazine

  • In Music & Media
    A New Weekly Australasian Music Business EZINE

  • In Music We Trust
    Articles, reviews, and interviews for a variety of musical genres including ska, punk, hardcore, rock, rap, hip-hop, industrial, gothic, and more

  • Indiana Theory Review
    Journal information, Table of Contents

  • M

  • Making Music
    Making Music encourages adult amateur and recreational musicians to pursue their fulfilling hobby and become part of a music making community. By advocating the physical, social, and psychological benefits of recreational music making, they intend to build demand for musical instruments and accessories.

  • Mandozine
    On-line magazine for mandolin players

    International DIY punk fanzine, radio show, website and record label since 1977.

  • Mechanical Music Digest
    MMD a moderated forum, published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail

  • MetroActive: Music
    California News

  • Mi2N
    Music Industry News Network

  • Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

  • MIX Magazine Online
    Journal for audio professionals

  • Modern Drummer Online

  • MOJO

  • MSN Entertainment Channel

  • MTV Online - Music

  • Mudcat Cafe
    a magazine dedicated to blues and folk music

  • The Multimedia Journal of New Music / Alternate Music Press

  • Muse Magazine
    The Journal of Women in Music

  • Music & Anthropology

  • Music & Computers

  • Music Box
    E-zine features the latest concert and album reviews, music news, tour info, interviews, streaming audio,contest giveaways, and more

  • Music City News
    country music

  • Music Connection Magazine
    serving the music industry since 1977

  • Music from the Movies
    MovieScore database

  • Music Perception
    Music Perception charts the ongoing scholarly discussion and study of musical phenomena. Publishing original empirical and theoretical papers, methodological articles and critical reviews from renowned scientists and musicians, Music Perception is a repository of insightful research, drawing on fields including psychology, psychophysics, linguistics, neurology, neurophysiology, artificial intelligence, computer technology, physical and architectural acoustics, and music theory.

  • Music Row Magazine
    Nashville's Music Industry Publication Magazine information

  • Music TechMag

  • Music Theory Online
    a Journal of Criticism, is the refereed, electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory

  • Music Theory Spectrum
    A leading journal in the field and an official publication of the Society for Music Theory, Music Theory Spectrum features articles on a wide range of topics in music theory and analysis, including aesthetics, critical theory and hermeneutics, history of theory, post-tonal theory, Schenkerian analysis, musical form, rhythm, music cognition, and the analysis of popular musics.

  • Musicae Scientiae
    the Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

  • Musical Act Magazine
    Israel Leading Audio & Music Magazine

  • MusicDish
    Providing a business perspective on the issues impacting professionals and executives in the online music industry

  • MusiciansNet: On-line Musicians Magazines guitars, synths, MIDI, samplers, brass, drums

  • MusicTech
    the practical magazine and website for producers, engineers and recording musicians

  • Muzikus

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